So, so so…… The website LegitScript is making lots of noise out there claiming that they are the premier site for websites and online pharmacies validation. From what we can see, their work is preeminent. They are doing a GREAT job.

A bit of history lesson here on cybercrime. Before Legitscript, there was Castlecops.com. Does anyone remember? They were the premier site for online pharmacies review. Please reference Paul Ryan article of Sept. 12, 2007 Spammers Launch Denial of Service Attacks Against Antispam Sites.

Legitscript claimed that they are the preeminent website for fighting cybercrimes, fraudulent pharmacy sites  and website due diligence is a good as Al Gore’s claimed that he invented the internet. Ooops…. perhaps LegitScript may not be so Legit. Get a life LegitScript.

2 thoughts on “LegitScript

  1. SFA Reporter June 22, 2016 at 4:08 pm Reply

    What motivated you to write the comment above about LegitScript? Shouldn’t you all be allies in the fight against illegal online pharmacies?

  2. SFA Reporter June 22, 2016 at 4:15 pm Reply

    Well scamFRAUDalert sites have been dormant for a while and LegitScript have erected a brand new site. Navigating their website, it appears like LegitScript is attempting in re-branding itself.

    What got our attention is their “vision statement.” Its appears to be paraphase of the “core values” of scamFRAUDalert. Do they NOT have core values of their own?

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