JMN – JCSERV.COM – ALC MGMT – ALC MGMT – SAFEDEBITS.COM – NFS-HELP.COM company is one that hides as multiple others- they steal your credit card number through online pharmacies, primarily and use it as much as they can Internet

Phone: 866-806-0472
Web Address:

The companies listed above include many more- they are foreign and work with (a company that processes cc payments for online med purchases via many sites including, and dozens of others- if you order meds online and see cancel at once- within days your card will be charged with hundreds (as many as they can get) of fraudalent orders by the aforementioned chain of companies-

In research they are all related to a company called “, with an invalid address in florida (does not exist) also a company called MONIKER PRIVACY SERVICES another fraud company- all listings and ip addresses to any of these sub-companies listed above tie to one or the other parent company. the listed emails and ips to register these sites are also false and not easily traceable- one traced to the UK-

These companies (company) makes a living off of stealing card numbers through and a good one at that- there are on my card alone over 26 different fraud charges through different names in less than one month- here is a list of those for your reference:   – – >866-931-5809   – ->866-841-2040   —>866-841-2017 —> 866-841-2019 —> 866-841-2019  —>866-806-0472
www.JNM   —>866-581-8593
http://www.ALC MGMT    —>866-636-1105   —>606-393-0229
EWC payments LTD (no number listed or website)
Net Trading NV (no number or site)

Calling them does not good- they are clearly not in this country and this is their scam- and a large one- the ip addys are fake, the emails do not exist and the godaddy registrants are also fake- right down to the name, addy and contact info in ip searches-

A HUGE scam! avoid ordering online meds from any company related to this is clearly the originator as they were the only order I actually placed, within days of this order- the new attempts on my card begin, this happened to me once before and i suspected it was only a single attempt at stealing my number online- cancelled that card and got another- exact same thing happened after first order..

This scam is huge– remember, getting my cash back wont happen since this organization covers their tracks very well- clearly have some us connections and are very large- just beware, starting wtih (some related sites are fast-online-,, and just to name a few

Hoping they get busted soon- in the meantime- dont give your credit card and the 3 digit code on the back for any online orders if you dont know the company well- that is how they are able to bypass any card security.

watertown, Wisconsin