Phone Numbers Used By Scammers 877-479-2455

The phone number 877-479-2455 is linked to this website, tramadol and the company AJax(888-218-7997) is part of a scam to withdraw funds from your bank account without your authorization. Also, MedMart Pharmacy is part of the scam. I have had $127.62 stolen from my bank account. I have asked my bank to investigate this matter and I advise anyone who is a victum to do the same and report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

(800) 505-2374
272 NW 77th Street
Miami, FL 33150
Tel: (877) 479-2455 … ami-fl-11009152

RX 2 U
C & A Pharmaceutical
240 Woodlawn Ave #12
Chula Vista, CA 91910 … a-ca-171988809/

Tramadol USA Online
Business Address: Schultz Pharamcy 220 North Main Street,
Oshkosh , WI 54901
Phone Number: (877) 479-2455

Website Address: … -wi-1000005103/
East Elmhurst , NY 11370
(877) 479-2455
(877) 389-9730
Fax Number: (866) 205-9497 … urst-ny-122386/

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