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Posted: Apr 16, 2012 2:03 PM by Tonya LaCoste/Press Release

The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana warns to use caution when buying discount prescription medications on the internet from out of the country or overseas online pharmacies, especially a company advertising in the Acadiana – “This online pharmacy based in Canada recently advertised in a local daily newspaper, but when the BBB tried to visit their web page, virus protection software warned the site was dangerous and a verified fraudulent page (internet security) or threat source. The virus protection software ultimately would not allow BBB personnel to visit the site due to the dangers to BBB computers and networks,” said BBB Media Specialist Robert R. Jones III.

According to investigators at the BBB of Manitoba, Canada, is not a registered pharmacy with the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association and is not a registered business with the Companies Registration Branch, a Canadian government entity similar to our secretary of state. “The ad in the local paper says in small print that name brand drugs will be substituted with generics when available, leaving customers potentially unsure of what they will receive in the mail. The ad also claims their medicines have “Lower Prices Than Medicare Part D,” but this claim is not verified,” said Jones. The BBB in both the U.S. and Canada have no background information on the company, which claims to be based out of Winnipeg.

According to the Federal Drug Administration, many drugs obtained from foreign sources that purport or appear to be the same as U.S.-approved prescription drugs are of unknown quality. Recent examples of counterfeit products entering the U.S. marketplace also raise substantial safety questions about drugs from foreign countries. Moreover, there is a possibility that the drugs. which come to U.S. consumers through Canada or purport to be from Canada may not actually be a Canadian drugs. Drugs delivered to American public from foreign countries may be very different from products approved by FDA and may not be safe and effective. For any of these reasons, FDA believes that operations such as these expose the public to significant potential health risks.”™
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