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“The Canadian Pharmacy, Canadian/European Pharmacy”, “Canadian Healthcare” and “US Drugstore” are brands of one of the most disgusting illegal online pharmacy group well organized CRIMINAL OPERATION of all times. “GREED” is the driving force behind this operation. Don’t let them fool you. They will never send you any genuine drugs. If they ever send anything at all, it may consist of literally anything from sugar to wall plaster, and they certainly don’t care that you will endanger your health by taking those dangerous counterfeit drugs.

Who's Behind Online Pharmacy 

Today a shadowy, transnational network of illicit drug manufacturers, traders, doctors, Web site operators, spammers and criminals makes up the online pharmacy world.

Buying Medication Online Can Be Safe

There are many options out there when it comes to buying medication online. We have looked at websites after websites. Some sites feature offshore pharmacies that do not require a prior prescription. Others feature licensed pharmacies that do require a prescription from your doctor.
Before making a purchase that can effect your health, we strongly recommend that you consult your physician & DO NOT self-medicate. Ordering medication online can be a safe, money-saving experience. When done through licensed online pharmacies that require a prescription, you can be assured that the medication you get is exactly what you need to treat your ailments.




4rx.com4rx.com fraudulent website Internet


RX is selling ed drugs with a cut down amount of the actual advertised ingredients.They advertise sidenafil citrate 100mg pills however they supply about 5mg.

I believe they buy name brand sidenafil citrate 100mg and cut it down and make their own pills in India and ship from Hong Kong. They also do this with Tadalafil and Vardenafil HCL.

The reason I know this is I have a true ED and have tried the name brand drugs at different doses and can gage through experience.

These fraudulent pills do not do the trick….. speaking from experience.

Just would like to warn others.

a short cut to the website http://secure.4rx.com/index.html

Kind Regards,

Source: Ripoffreport

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