WhoIs www.RX-Depot.com ~ www.RXcarrier.com

Drug Enforcement Agency

United States of America

The Ryan Haight Act Known as
Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008
Sec. 2. Requirement of a valid prescription for
controlled substances dispensed by means of the Internet.

Who's Behind These Online Pharmacies 

SUMMARY: The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act,
which was enacted on October 15, 2008,amended the Controlled Substances Act and Controlled Substances Import and Export Act by adding several new provisions to prevent the illegal distribution and dispensing of controlled substances by means of the Internet.

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One thought on “WhoIs www.RX-Depot.com ~ www.RXcarrier.com

  1. James Greenhaw says:

    rx-processors.com and medicalpaymentprocessors.com should both be added to the fraud list because thats what they are. They pretend to have prescriptions for sale, and have a doctor consultation over the phone and charge insane amounts for the prescriptions, for one their so called doctor never calls and they never deliver but when inquiring to when the consultation will take place or when order will be shipped they get all irate.. medical payment processors also assures they wont cash the money order until proof that the item is shipped and customer 100 % satisfied, once again Another lie… They take your money, then treat you like trash… They wont refund a persons money either even though they provide NO kind of services at all. If there are any petitions out there to sign against fraudulent companies like them then please tell me where to sign… I just wanted everyone to be aware of these fraudsters

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