RxProfits.com a/k/a DirectNet Partners Shut Down

On July 2, 2013, pharmacy watchdog group Legitscript.com credited themselves for the removal of RxProfits.com a/k/a DirectNet Partners.
According to the blog post, RxProfits.com was own by Doug Walker of Indianapolis, Indiana, a web designer who operates website design company wddw.net (Web Design by Doug Walker).

  • order-status.net
  • premiumcharge.net
  • RxProfits.com
  • buy-rabeprazole.net
  • buy-tadalafil-20mg.net
  • onlinerx4all.com

Website Design by Doug Walker
1035 Heatherwood Dr.
Greenwood, IN 46143
(317) 495-2518 office
(317) 507-0073 cell

Below are some of the sites we’ve captured over the years.

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