Yambo Financials – Viocard.com Inc

The Better Business Bureau

Serving Oregon and Western Washington
1000 Station Drive Suite 222
DuPont, WA 98327

Viocard.com Inc
701 5th Ave Fl 42
Seattle, WA 98104
Telephone: (206) 903-1007
Fax: (206) 262-8001

The BBB reports on members and non-members.

Original Business Start Date: August 2003 Incorporated: October 2003, WA
Principal: Ms Christina Reese, President File Open Date: November 2003
Email Address: support@viocard.com
TOB Classification: Credit Cards & Plans, Internet Services, Internet Shopping Services, Credit Services
BBB Membership: This company is a member.
Nature Of Business
This company offers a virtual credit card and online payment solutions.
Company Management

Additional company management personnel include:

Ms Angela Nickerson – Vice President

Additional DBAs, Addresses and Telephone Numbers
Additional Phone Numbers
(206) 903-1007
(866) 926-2627
(206) 262-7423

Story from World Money Laundering Report Online: (The Anti-Money-Laundering Network)


Yambo tie up with credit card authenticator. Or do they?

Author: WMLR Newsdesk
Published date: 03.08.2004

Yambo Financials Limited, the bank that’s not a bank, is expanding its services. Now it is offering, via VioBill.Com, credit card merchant accounts.

So, who are Viobill, and what do they do?

What they say is that they have a UK phone number at 0207 664 9165 but they do not offer a UK address. They say they have a US phone number at +1-650-655-7283.

According to WhitePages.Com, the area code 650 is in the California Peninsula area, around Palo Alto. But the announcement says that the mailing address is “701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor, 98104-5119, Seattle, WA.” The website gives a sales telephone number of 206-903-1007 and that is the code for the area around Seattle.

The address is that of Colombia Tower, Seattle, or Bank of America Tower or the SeaCenter Tower according to Google.

What is clear, however, is that there are a number of businesses on that same floor including some that seem to be of reasonable size.

Viobill accepts adult sites and gambling sites but warns that some card companies do not allow their cards to be used for some such sites including Visa and Mastercard prohibiting US cardholders from using gambling sites.

THe website includes the following: “VIOCARD and other marks indicated on our site are registered trademarks of VIOCARD in the United Kingdom and/or other countries” and establishes its links with Yambo by the following “… Blocks all suspicious credit cards: from other billings and processing systems, with chargeback history in Yambo, with ‘STOLEN CARD’ processing result in Yambo.biz, etc. The list contains more than 50,000 cards.” ViaCard’s advertisement on Casinovendors.com says

“VIOCARD.COM is a fast-growing prospective payment system that has appeared on the market of eCommerce in September 2003. It is a unique technology that allows users to make payments through virtual money and reliable bank accounts. VIOCARD.COM is a payment service provider, working with several big American and European banks-equirers.[sic]

The reason and motives for the creation of VIOCARD.COM was the growing necessity of alternative payment methods in the high-risk market of eCommerce. It was designed as a more handy and accessible system, than all the existing ones, especially for online-casinos, adult-sites and other high risk usinesses. We have created an unmatched fraud-screening technology to provide secure services for buyers and merchants in the high-risk market of eCommerce.

We treat our clients with great courtesy and respect.


701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor,
Seattle, Washington 98104-5119

Toll Free: (866) 926-2627 Ext. 1
Phone: (206) 903-1007 Ext. 1
Website: http://www.viocard.com

E-mail: support@viocard.com

Sales Contact: Ms. Christina Reese, Sales Director

Marketing Contact: Ms. Olena Knysh, Marketing and Promotion Director

Additional Information: Date Established: September, 2003 ” Readers will recall that several of the names connected with Yambo are Russian names.

The registration details for Viocard.com are

701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Domain Name: VIOCARD.COM

Administrative Contact:
Service, Customer********@viocard.com
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Technical Contact:
Service, Customer********@viocard.com
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Record last updated 03-26-2004 10:37:36 AM
Record expires on 08-07-2009
Record created on 08-07-2003

Domain servers in listed order:

The registration details for VioBill.Com are

701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Domain Name: VIOBILL.COM

Administrative Contact:
Green, Yuri***********@viobill.com
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Technical Contact:
Green, Yuri***********@viobill.com
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Record last updated 07-25-2004 05:27:19 PM
Record expires on 04-28-2006
Record created on 04-28-2004

Domain servers in listed order:

As can be seen, VioBill.Com is hosted on the Yambo.Biz servers demonstrating a clear link between the businesses.

Yambo’s own registration details are :

Domain Name: YAMBO.BIZ
Domain ID: D2914606-BIZ
Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID: IMG-495311
Registrant Name: Customer Support
Registrant Organization: Yambo Financials Ltd.
Registrant Address1: 14 Hook Road
Registrant City: Epsom
Registrant State/Province: Not Applicable
Registrant Postal Code: 19KT 8TH
Registrant Country: Great Britain (UK)
Registrant Country Code: GB
Registrant Phone Number: +44.8719008667
Registrant Facsimile Number: +44.8719008668
Registrant Email: ********@yambo.biz
Administrative Contact ID: IMG-495311
Administrative Contact Name: Customer Support
Administrative Contact Organization: Yambo Financials Ltd.
Administrative Contact Address1: 14 Hook Road
Administrative Contact City: Epsom
Administrative Contact State/Province: Not Applicable
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 19KT 8TH
Administrative Contact Country: Great Britain (UK)
Administrative Contact Country Code: GB
Administrative Contact Phone Number: +44.8719008667
Administrative Contact Facsimile Number: +44.8719008668
Administrative Contact Email: ********@yambo.biz
Billing Contact ID: IMG-495311
Billing Contact Name: Customer Support
Billing Contact Organization: Yambo Financials Ltd.
Billing Contact Address1: 14 Hook Road
Billing Contact City: Epsom
Billing Contact State/Province: Not Applicable
Billing Contact Postal Code: 19KT 8TH
Billing Contact Country: Great Britain (UK)
Billing Contact Country Code: GB
Billing Contact Phone Number: +44.8719008667
Billing Contact Facsimile Number: +44.8719008668
Billing Contact Email: ********@yambo.biz
Technical Contact ID: IMG-495311
Technical Contact Name: Customer Support
Technical Contact Organization: Yambo Financials Ltd.
Technical Contact Address1: 14 Hook Road
Technical Contact City: Epsom
Technical Contact State/Province: Not Applicable
Technical Contact Postal Code: 19KT 8TH
Technical Contact Country: Great Britain (UK)

Technical Contact Country Code: GB
Technical Contact Phone Number: +44.8719008667
Technical Contact Facsimile Number: +44.8719008668
Technical Contact Email: ********@yambo.biz

Name Server: NS0.XNAME.ORG
Name Server: NS2.YAMBO.BIZ
Name Server: NS1.YAMBO.BIZ
Name Server: NS1.XNAME.ORG
Domain Registration Date: Thu Apr 11 12:35:11 GMT 2002
Domain Expiration Date: Sat Apr 10 23:59:59 GMT 2004
Domain Last Updated Date: Wed Jun 25 08:50:11 GMT 2003

However, as readers will know, we have been following Yambo for some time and we have now located a further Yambo website. Claiming to be a website of Yambo Financials Limited, the UK registered company that says “Yambo Financials is not a bank” it’s called YamboBank.Com. It says that the address of Yambo Financials Limited is

“Yambo Financials Ltd.
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor,
98104-5119, Seattle, WA
tel. 866-926-2627 (toll-free)
int. tel. 206-903-1007
tel.: +1-866-YAMBOCS.” Claiming to be a member of the Trust-e certification programme, it says in its terms “1. Yambo Financials Ltd. (“THE BANK”) will hold your statements without charge at the Bank to protect the clients privacy. Printed statements will only be sent by written request…” And it advertises the following:

“Get your Yambo ATM Card today!

100% approval for everyone!
100% anonymous and secure.
Withdraw as much as you have on your account. No daily or monthly limits!
Withdraw your money from over 750,000 ATM machines around the world.
Use Yambo Card at over 5.5 million retail merchants all over the world.
Low start-up fee and minimal paper-work to start.
Your transactions are 100% private and not reported to any goverment.
Yambo Card is issued by an offshore bank with the Maestro/Cirrus Logo.
Online reporting and many more benefits…

Just 4 Steps to Start?

1. Open an account in Yambo Bank. It takes 30 minutes and you have an account in an offshore Internet bank with full anonymity and powerfull online functionality – click here!

2. Fund your Yambo account by wire transfer through SWIFT Pay International banking network. Your local bank knows how to send a wire transfer – contact your local bank officer.

3. Apply for an ATM Cirrus Card – just 5 clicks and your ATM Card application is ready to be processed. A card will be issued in 14-16 business days.

4. Get your card and use it in any ATM all over the world. ” The website says

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yambo Financials Ltd. is not a bank and doesn’t offer real bank services. Yambo Financials Ltd. doesn’t offer services to UK citizens and/or UK companies. ” But, as the letter we had from Yambo is as a result of our registration with Yambo of a (fictituous) UK address, that’s clearly not entirely so.

Strangely, Lena Knysh manages to avoid being readily found on the internet. It’s strange because she also features on Yambo sites in the by-line for articles in their “offshore news” section, further establishing the connection between the card authenticator Viobill and Yambo.

The letter from Yambo Financials

You have received this newsletter email because you are a registered customer of Yambo Financials Ltd. and http://www.Yambo.biz.


Interested in getting a MERCHANT ACCOUNT and selling goods and/or services online? VioBill.COM has a unique offer for you! For a limited time only our company offers you Merchant Account opening with further use of a number of sales and customer control tools. We offer Personal Account opening, no aggregating! We are launching the VioBill.COM service on the 1st of July. As a client of our partnering organizations you are offered to get started much earlier: right now!

And you will pay an extremely low set up fee!

We can register a merchant account for you in one of the BIGGEST AMERICAN BANKS. You don’t have to do any paperwork, only provide us with the minimum of documentation, required for opening a Merchant Account. We manage all back-office functions including reporting, tracking, customer service and sales transactions.

VioBill.COM ACCEPTS ADULT and other high-risk businesses. You are almost 100% guaranteed to get accepted by VioBill.COM. And getting a Merchant Account and working as a merchant with VioBill.COM you will have no daily or monthly turnover limits and customizable fraud protection.

VioBill.COM offers the lowest set up fee and the best rates available. The Merchant Account set up fee will include the registration of a company (in USA), a merchant account and access to our sophisticated merchant software and unmatched fraud-control system. Registration will take from 2 to 4 weeks. After the registration we will send you all the documents for your company. The commission will be from 6 to 9% depending on the risk level of your business. There are no monthly
service fees and no hidden costs.

We always make payments and stay on schedule. We pay out money once a week. And there is no start-up delay. As soon as you get a Merchant
Account, you are able to start working.

To register and start opening a Merchant Account right now fill out an application form here: https://secure.viobill.com/apply_form.pw
Our representative will contact you to start working on your order. You can also email us to chris@yambo.biz. Your request will be processed within 24 hours and we will email you to give detailed answers on your questions.

Copyright c 2004 VioBill.COM, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use of Yambo Financials Ltd. and VioBill.COM Inc. sites is subject to our Terms of Useand Privacy Policy.

Mailing address:
701 5th Avenue, 42nd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104-5119

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